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Safety regulations re passengers injuring themselves on buses

By Kevin Alderson, Jul 17 2016 12:41PM

A number of passengers have been injured on buses, mainly as a result of leaving their seats while the vehicle is still moving and not yet arrived at the stop.

Passengers who leave their seat and are injured in this manner are not necessarily covered by the bus company's insurance regulations. Passengers are expected to remain seated while the bus is in motion and the driver is also expected to wait until the passenger has alighted from the vehicle before moving off.

The common response is that: "drivers won't stop unless you get up and indicate your intention of leaving the vehicle". However, Arriva, and Go North East deny this and repeat the safety regulation as stated above. Stagecoach has not signed up to the safety regulations. We are waiting for them to clarify their position on the issue.

TWPTUG's advice is that passengers should remain seated until the bus stops and press the nearest bell to them, to indicate their wish to alight. If the driver fails to stop the vehicle, take the bus service number and time, and make a complaint. Also ask for the drivers name and licence number and if refused, record that.

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