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First Bus outlines steps towards 2035 zero-emission commitment


Metro celebrates 40 years of service (PDF newsletter)


Transport Responds Newsletter: Latest update on the transport impacts of the Coronavirus emergency


Hitachi Rail and Hyperdrive agreement opens way for battery trains across Britain | Rail Business Daily


Wales uses COVID cash to take back control of buses


Bus franchising: It’s now the only way, says Abellio


The Better Places Network Digest – Issue 48 - The latest planning and policy news from the fields of active travel, public health, safety, urban realm and air quality. Also see our permanent newsletter link in the Welcome panel.


Driving change: how hydrogen can fuel a transport revolution


IS THIS A TRANSPORT EMERGENCY? Open meeting,  9th March,  17:30 at Gateshead Civic Centre  (5 mins walk from Gateshead Metro).  All welcome!


"We strongly believe that sustainable transport is key to tackling some of the biggest issues we face, from air pollution and climate change to social exclusion and physical inactivity. We have been campaigning for improved public transport, cycling, and walking options in the North East for a number of years now, but making the case for sustainable transport is difficult in current circumstances. Northern Rail is on the brink of collapse with incredibly poor performance over recent months, the Tyne and Wear Metro is battling on with ancient trains and increasing delays, air pollution is killing 300 people a year, cycling infrastructure is being delivered at a snail's pace, and traffic congestion is getting worse.


We'd like to bring together a diverse range of groups and people to put pressure on local politicians to declare a 'Transport Emergency' to reflect that need to put this at the top of the political agenda."


Department for Transport policy paper: 'Future of mobility: urban strategy


Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust cut carbon-emissions using cargo bikes.


Listen to Alistair Ford's interview on Radio 5  Live, broadcast on 7th March, discussing latest proposals for T&W to cut air pollution. Alistair is the Media Officer on TWPTUG's Management  Committee. Interview is at 1h 45mins into the programme. You will need a BBC account to listen to the program. Easy to register if you haven't got one. Many thanks also to Alistair for his efforts!


Listen to Wendy Gascoigne's interview on Radio Tyneside, with Yvonne Bell, broadcast on 7th March, telling people about the work of PTUG in South Tyneside and beyond. Wendy is the Chair of STPTUG. Many thanks to Wendy for promoting PTUG! We are also grateful to Radio Tyneside for granting the interview.